CSWD-Gingoog (City Social Welfare and Development Office – Gingoog), under the guidance of Margie Rodriguez, has facilitated the admission of two children to the Calabrian Children’s Foundation. This significant step took place on August 22 and 25, signifying a new chapter in the lives of these young individuals.

The Calabrian Children’s Foundation extends its embrace as they become part of our family. The coordinated efforts of CSWD-Gingoog with Margie Rodriguez and CCF have ensured a well transition for these children into an environment that prioritizes their well-being and growth.

As these young hearts embark on this new journey, we honor their resilience, and the commitment of those who have worked tirelessly to provide them with the care they deserve. The Calabrian Children’s Foundation remains dedicated to nurturing their potential and offering them a safe haven to flourish.

This heartening development underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in safeguarding and uplifting the lives of children in need. As the children settle into their new surroundings, we eagerly anticipate witnessing their progress and achievements, and we stand united in our mission to provide them with a brighter future.